Selfdax, World’s First Personal Crypto Exchange Goes Online

SelfDax, the world’s first personal digital currency exchange has been launched. The platform is dedicated to the trading of digital assets of SelfSell (SSC), a blockchain company.

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SelfSell product matrix

SelfDax is the first cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to trading of personal digital assets and marks the completion of SelfSell product matrix. The company has developed a vertical ecology in a personal digital platform. The platform can be used was a wallet, as a financing and investment platform and as an exchange. SelfDax is the first phase of SelfSell’s development plan.

SelfSell (SSC)’s ecology of personal value digitalization allows users to digitize their personal value, give them customized names and definitions as well as transfer and receive value. Basically, turn oneself into a cryptocurrency, if such a thing makes sense.

SelfDax, being the first talent trading market in the world, will be committed to offering a safe, stable, convenient and reliable platform for trading personal digital assets. The platform will be available to users around the world.

Addressing security concerns

To address security concerns, SelfDax has a dedicated team of professional risk control personnel. The team is tasked with giving users multiple security protections as well as security policies. SelfDax stores cryptocurrencies in the user’s account using an offline cold wallet. To guarantee security of the user’s assets, the platform is built with hierarchical management and has a double protection of Google certificates and funds password.

The new platform is very efficient and has matching engines that support millions of transaction requests.

SelfDax is very fast and helps to track all changes in personal digital assets, offering investment information on personal digital assets and analysis in the personal digital asset market.

Existing SelfSell APP registered users can directly log in to the SelfDax exchange using the original password and account. Existing users will also become the pioneers of the new platform. The company has said that the platform has already attracted millions of users.

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