Scientus Pharma Obtains Approval to Sell Cannabis Oils and Capsules


HydRx Farms Ltd. operating as Scientus Pharma received its license for the sale of oils and capsules from Health Canada.

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The license, effective May 24, comes on the heels of the oils and capsules production license granted by Health Canada in October 2018. Scientus is also licensed to both produce and sell dried cannabis.

“Obtaining approval to sell cannabis oils and capsules is one of our most significant milestones to date,” Scientus CEO Har Grover stated. “It is critical to our strategy of commercializing cannabis derivatives that are manufactured using our ground-breaking, patented extraction technology.”

Scientus’s patented technology platform enables it to consistently achieve >99.5% activation of the cannabinoids, a process known as decarboxylation. This level of decarboxylation is in contrast to the range of values currently achieved using the industry-standard extraction processes – between 0-95% decarboxylation.

“We’re delivering a superior medical cannabis product, so patients and Health Care Providers can be confident that they are getting the same predictable outcome with every capsule,” Grover noted.

Scientus will begin shipping its fully decarboxylated oils and capsules, branded Medisenol, in four to six weeks.

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