Sanofi SA (NYSE:SNY) Keeps Tab Of The Launch Of Dengvaxia

Sanofi SA (ADR)(NYSE:SNY) is still holding onto the flame of the launch of its Dengvaxia Dengue Fever vaccine despite the turmoil being experienced in Latin America. The company is targeting a large-scale implementation of the vaccine. Talks seem to be taking an active turn and are currently underway according to a Dengue expert. Negotiations by the health authorities are likely to yield results that will lead the utilization of the vaccine in Mexico.

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Nonetheless, there is also probability of having other nations in Latin America and Asia adopt the public campaigns that will propel the utilization of the three-dose vaccine. The turmoil in Latin America has already caused mayhem to Dengvaxia’s second-quarter sales which may also affect the company’s €200 million sales estimate for the year.

Sanofi Pasteur has a keen eye on geographical expansion

The shot has already got its approval in various cities in Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Paraguay, El Salvador and the Philippines. There is some positive expectancy from Asia and Latin America. However, only the Philippines and Brazil’s Paraná have embraced the use of large-scale public campaigns which play a significant role in the achievement of any launch. It makes sense for Sanofi Pasteur to go global with its Dengvaxia and this explains why it is waiting for licensing and approvals in another 25 countries.

Sanofi’s Dengvaxia is criticized amidst tight competition

As Sanofi embarks on its geographical expansion strategy, it should also be ready to embrace competition from Takeda Pharmaceuticals whose TAK-003 has also entered Phase III. The market looks tight for both the Sanofi and Takeda vaccines. Analysts are not sure of Dengvaxia’s survival given its slow start and the dominance pattern. Apparently, it is pitching camp in developing countries which raises more questions of its endurance.

But even with the criticism that it is likely to make infections worse if used in areas of low dengue prevalence, Dr. Cesar Mascareñas, Sanofi Pasteur’s director of global medical affairs says that the company is not relenting in achieving its expectations or strategies. He claims that the company’s model was just mathematical and in any case, it is one of the eight that gained WHO’s recommendation for use in countries that have more than 50% prevalence of the virus.

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