Royal Dutch Shell plc (ADR) (NYSE:RDS.A) Setting Up Electric Vehicle Charging Points

The stock of Royal Dutch Shell plc (ADR) (NYSE:RDS.A) closed at $60.53 losing 0.28% in yesterday’s trading session. On Wednesday, this company unveiled its first electric vehicle recharging points. This was done in Britain at three gas stations. The world is moving towards  adopting the zero-emission vehicles and Shell has outlined that it won’t be left behind.

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Three charging stations are in Derby, Surrey and London and if everything moves according to plan, some seven more might soon be set up. The company has also made an announcement about its recent move to purchase NewMotion, which is an electric vehicle charging firm.

The U.K is one of the places where the electric vehicle market has been growing quite fast. The future fuels manager of Shell U.K, Jane Lindsay-Green, has spoken in relation to the many changes that have been taking place in the recent times. Lindsay-Green has cited statistics indicating significant increases in vehicle registrations.

The company holds a strong stand that indeed electric vehicles will help hasten business operations in the country. The company is determined, now more than ever to ensure that it serves its wide array of customers with the option to recharge in any of its forecourts anytime they wish to do so.

Ben van Beurden, the CEO for Royal Dutch, has outlined that the company has indicated that as a company they are making preparations for that time when the demand for oil will start fading away. It goes without saying that it won’t be long before a significant number of economies shift to the electric-powered cars.

Shell has expressed confidence that indeed the electric vehicles will be forming a significant part of the transport network as time progresses. At the moment, Shell has already started providing electric-vehicle charging .It has been doing that through a partner scheme in Norway and it was still in this particular year when it considered Britain for the set up of its new hydrogen refueling station.

Lindsay-Green opined, “This is a new space for Shell. We need to be exploring different opportunities … We’re starting small and are going to learn quickly. Then we’re going to move in 2018 based on what our customers want.”

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