QUOINE Boosts Its Cryptocurrency Business On salesforce.com, inc. (NYSE:CRM)

QUOINE, a new cryptocurrency exchange focused on increasing the amount of liquidity in the digital currency space, has decided to make additional investments with salesforce.com, inc. (NYSE:CRM). The company which is growing fast in the cryptocurrency industry, is built on the Salesforce CRM Platform and uses the same technology.

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Whereas QUOINE is focused on blockchain technology to provide next-generation financial services, trading, and exchange, Salesforce is a global CRM leader, which aids companies to seamlessly connect with their customers. The coming together of the two companies would really help scale-up QUOINE, or at least this is the goal.

So as to handle tough regulatory requirements and growing demand for financial services, QUOINE joined Salesforce through Heroku Enterprise and Heroku Shield. The move by the Japanese startup was made last year. Several months later QUOINE was awarded a trading license by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

QUOINE was established by Mike Kayamori and Mario Gomez-Lozada in 2014 and built on the Salesforce cloud platform. Their main focus was on innovation and promotion of the cryptocurrency trading platform. Through this, the blockchain-based fintech company was able to launch its own coin, QASH.

QUOINE’s initial coin offering attracted approximately 5,000 participants from nearly 100 countries, helping it raise 350 million QASH, valued at $105 million.

Developers are enabled by Salesforce Heroku to create a good customer experience in both mobile apps and web apps. Through Heroku Enterprise, companies are able to grow their businesses while Heroku Shield enables high-compliance apps.

The relationship between QUOINE and Salesforce helps the latter concentrate on infrastructure while allowing the former to concentrate on innovation and creation of next-generation financial services.

Salesforce’ General Manager, Mark Innes, commenting on the partnership said that Fintech companies like QUOINE were behind some of the most innovative changes being seen in financial services today. He said the companies have to be agile and innovative at the same time complying with regulatory frameworks.

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