QTUM, Amazon Partner to Offer Blockchain-As-A-Service Solution


Singapore-based QTUM has entered a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer blockchain-as-a-service solutions to enterprise customers.

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The partnership will develop BaaS solutions for developers and businesses by making QTUM’s smart contract development platform available on AWS. Using Amazon Machine Image (AMI), users will be able to develop and launch smart contracts.

Primarily, the services will be focused on creating the bases for enterprise-grade solutions, according to QTUM.

“As the platform grows and develops, AWS and QTUM will expand their service offerings to include features explicitly built for end users, developers, and enterprise customers,” QTUM said in a statement.

QTUM claims that it is the first free and open-source blockchain to join AWS. The two companies have been in discussions about the partnership since April 2018.

“Qtum’s launch on the AWS marketplace provides an easy-to-use and powerful cloud-based solution for end users and enterprise. Anyone who wants to develop and build dapps on the Qtum platform or use it as a staking node will benefit from this,” Qtum Foundation’s CIO Miguel Palencia said in a statement.

Building Decentralized Applications with QTUM

The QTUM platform uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus model to reduce the computational challenges and increase scalability throughout the platform. It also supports a free-tier of AWS EC2 instances.

QTUM has more than 5,000 nodes worldwide, and complete and fully functional QTUM nodes can launch in just 2 minutes, with all the necessary development tools and libraries, according to the company.

QTUM’s hybrid platform uses an Account Attraction Layer as an interface to merge a bitcoin-style blockchain with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, making it easier to build broad-based decentralized applications.

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