Pplware Starts Investing In Cryptocurrencies

Pplware, a leading Portuguese tech publication, has announced that it recently started investing in digital currencies. The company says it took that initiative after consulting its readers and getting feedback on the right token to invest in.

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The publication has indicated that the economic ecosystem for digital currencies in 2018 is much better, in its opinion, than in 2017. The year witnessed several digital currencies hit new highs and then start dropping.

Initial investment

The company, which is one of the leading technology-related portals in Portugal, launched the new plan with an initial investment and said it will be continuing its investments on a weekly basis.

Pplware says that it will be using the opportunity to share the experience with its readers in a bid to assist them in gaining helpful insights on how to invest in digital currencies.

The publication has used Coinbase for its initial exchange, which was done in Euros. The €30, which was invested, earned the publication 0.0037 BTC at the rate of €7,710.53 per coin. The publication sent the money to Binance, the largest cryptocurency exchange in the world. The BTC earned were divided into in Cardano (ADA) and ICON (ICX).

From its investment, the publication earned 44 ADA tokens, and 3.84 ICX. The publication went ahead and withdrew the funds from the exchange because it had indicated that it would sell after a short periods so as to avoid paying more fees.

The publication indicated that the objective of the move is to learn and understand the technology and earn profit.

Portuguese parliament is expected to debate cryptocurrency payments in a move aimed at developing new legal grounds to govern crypto payments services and at the same time guarantee the safety of users of the services.

Several countries are turning to cryptocurrencies

Around the world, there is a wave of cryptocurency adoption that has been sweeping across several countries. The reception to crytocurrencies has differed from one country to another. In general, many countries are adapting to the new technology with a lot of caution. This is being done so as to cover the mainstream economic ecosystem from the effects that may come with digital currencies.

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