Pokemon Go Integrated Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Model S Hack Dismissed As Fake

Pokemon Go Integrated Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Model S Hack Dismissed As Fake

Pokemon Go fans are trying to take the game to another level. One man tried to hack into a Tesla Model S from Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) to play the game on the vehicle’s big screen but his efforts did not yield the desired results.

Earlier reports had indicated that the man successfully hacked into the Tesla Model S so that he could play the game on the 17-inch screen. His aim was to tap into the GPS system and the camera system of the car so that he could catch pokemon with his car. However, the man later admitted that his efforts did not yield the results that he expected, thus confirming what most critics had already suspected.

Tesla Pokemon Model S?

It then turned out that the rumors had been exaggerated and that it is not possible to hack into the system to play Pokemon Go. Internet detectives, especially from Reddit, dismissed the earlier claims about a successful hack as fake. Some of the users questioned why the rear camera would shake when the player threw a Pokeball. The conclusion was that the footage was originally from a mobile phone and the person who made the clip of the supposed hack just edited it into the hack clip.

Analysts also argued that the Model S has a wide view behind the car. However, in the video of the hack, the camera pointed at the ground thus concluding that it wasn’t the actual back camera from the car. Pink Java later came clean saying that the story was not legitimate after it spread online. Pink Java also posted on its website claiming that the supposed hack was an experiment on whether it could initiate a discussion based on the validity of a story.

The statement further added that there were a few clues in the video suggesting that the video was a parody. The idea of playing Pokemon Go in a Tesla Model S certainly piques the attention of many fans but unfortunately, it is not possible, at least not yet.