Plandai Biotechnology Changes Poultry Farming With SORBEO Premix

Plandai Biotechnology Inc. (OTCMKTS:PLPL) has offered a discourse on the benefit of their SORBEO proprietary PREMIX, indicating that it is an affordable and cost-effective formulation for the poultry industry in the United States.

US leading in chicken consumption

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The US broiler chicken industry is the largest in the world, and in 2017, its production export to other countries was around 16.5% of the global industry. About nine billion broiler chickens were produced in 2017, with over 41 billion pounds of chicken product being marketed on a ready-to-cook basis. The US consumes more chicken than any place in the world, with have five broiler companies that include Pilgrim’s Pride Corp, Koch Foods Inc., Tyson Foods and Sanderson Farms Inc.

Although there have been significant quantitative and qualitative advancements in the different poultry industry sectors, there are still challenges that the industry faces on a global scale. One of the main challenges is the growing feed cost in the industry. There are also other issues that include antibiotic inclusion in poultry feeds as well as the use of hormones to promote growth. Currently, Plandai’s phytofare is being studied as a potential poultry feed additive.

SORBEO proprietary PREMIX seeks to revolutionize poultry farming

Plandai is seeking to overcome the challenges of bioavailability by conducting clinical validations in chicken and human studies that are popular in addressing pharmacokinetic difficulties of isomeric identification and form.

Inferring from data from a study using their proprietary SORBEO Phytogenic premix and deducing what potential effect it can have for broiler farms shows that after one year there is the potential of profit per chicken space increasing by 18%. In essence, this translates to enhanced profitability for the farmer and a desirable protein source for consumers, a significant milestone in the industry.

The SORBEO proprietary PREMIX could be a cost-effective and affordable formulation developed from green tea, and it has the exclusive compounds of all eight catechins, amino acids, caffeine, minerals as well as phytonutrients with more polyphenols than what is found in generic green tea extracts. Currently, it is undergoing commercialization in South Africa through commercial and pen flock trials.

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