Pharmacyte Biotech Announces Improvements To Production Process For Pancreatic Cancer Trial

Pharmacyte Biotech Announces Improvements To Production Process For Pancreatic Cancer Trial

Pharmacyte Biotech Inc (OTCMKTS:PMCB) recently announced that it has finalized advancements on its clinical trial product manufacturing process for an upcoming clinical trial targeting pancreatic cancer.

The company previously provided details about how the clinical trial product’s manufacturing process works in a press release. PharmaCytes’ management team evaluated and discussed the data collected from the manufacturing process at length. The team includes Harvard Medical School’s Professor Manuel Hidalgo who will be the lead investigator in the locally advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer (LAPC) clinical trial.

The team will also include the Austrianovas management team which handles the manufacturing process for the clinical trial product and cGMP Validation which offers expert consultancy services to Pharmacyte. The data that has so far been collected from the manufacturing process, includes encapsulation factors that highlight the encapsulation part of the process revealing a reproducible and fault-free process. This means it meets one of the key requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“PharmaCyte has a strong clinical trial program for pancreatic cancer. The trial design has been thoroughly vetted by a team of the best pancreatic cancer specialists in the country,” stated Prof. Hidalgo.

Professor Hildago optimistic about trial

The professor also noted that he will continue to be at the helm of the clinical trial program for pancreatic cancer treatment. He also says that he is eager for the commencement of the LAPC trial, for which he will be the primary investigator. Prof. Hidalgo also has high hopes for the potential that the cellular therapy developer’s technology has to offer to patients that have been diagnosed with LAPC. He also expects the clinical trial to be successful, in which case it will pave the way for the treatment of other types of cancer tumors in the future.

Numerous independent tests have already been carried out by Eurofins and Austrianova. The results indicated that the changes that were implemented will facilitate positive results in future clinical trials. PharmaCyte, its partners and consultants are in the final optimization stage for the manufacturing process.