$PAC-CPN Partnership Deepening Cryptocurrency Integration

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In the recent past, most cryptocurrency news making headlines was related to scams. However, that dark period seems to be happily in the past as present efforts seek to mainstream cryptocurrencies. Recently, Crypto Payments Network (CPN) announced a joint effort with $PAC to enable cryptocurrency to make payments everywhere. The partnership is deepening cryptocurrency integration into the mainstream business environment.

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Universal acceptance

Late last month, the Digital Journal, a British crypto news outlet, reported a strategic move by the partners. In the publication, $PAC and CPN announced that Domino’s Pizza and Caribou Coffee will start accepting $PAC. To enable the move, CPN sought the input of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Through the initiative, $PAC debit cards will be able to complete payments wherever traditional bank cards are usable.

Further, the publication reveals that there are a number of Fortune 500 companies that will also accept $PAC. Reportedly, the companies are already on the CPN network and will begin acceptance in due course. According to ZyCrypto, the move is deepening cryptocurrency integration and will help fill the crypto gap in customers-to-merchant transactions.

The new partnerships is deepening cryptocurrency integration

It is encouraging to see great Fortune 500 companies develop interest in the digital currencies. In fact, the news will go a long way in helping change the narrative regarding digital coins. Commenting on the development, Jeff Manuel, CEO, CPN stated:

“The integration of such a large restaurant chain is always a challenge and will be incorporated over the next few quarters. We look forward to a long lasting and profitable relationship with the leading pizza restaurant. CPN card holders will soon be buying pizza at Domino’s with their $PAC card and will be enjoying many more benefits in the near future.”

On their part, the $PAC team believes the new cryptocurrency will expedite traditionally slow transactions. They believe that the coin will meet its goal which is to make transactions secure and real-time.

“By design, $PAC was created to be a spendable, transaction-focused digital currency. It features near-zero transaction fees and instant cross-border transfer speeds,” said Brad Marsh, $PAC CMO.

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