Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Unveils New Capabilities Targeted At Helping Organizations Protect Against Threats

The stock of Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) closed at $50.47 gaining 1.75% in yesterday’s trading session. Oracle has today announced its plan to launch a new partner program and expand its security portfolio. Its identity SOC portfolio has been developed in such a way that it now includes new and enhanced capabilities that make it better placed to assist enterprises certify as well as manage their user identities, confidential data and applications. On top of that, Oracle’s new partner program will move a long way towards helping improve collaboration with security vendors as well as simplify customer adoption.

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The risk landscape of customers keeps shifting from time to time and Oracle’s integrated suite is made in such a way that it enables them to quickly adapt their security and operational posture. This application of machine learning is what it takes to potentially eliminate attacks, address the various security breaches, face out the performance outages as well as cut down on the detection window from months to minutes.

Rohit Gupta, a top official working with Oracle opined, “Built on our advanced artificial intelligence and automation technologies, Oracle Identity SOC portfolio now offers cloud-native identity governance combined with adaptive security designed to protect our customer’s cloud and digital services. In addition to strengthening internal security monitoring, Oracle’s comprehensive cross-stack threat detection capabilities provide broad threat detection range.”

Major improvements are being made with the passage of time and at the moment the Oracle Identity SOC portfolio now comes along with expanded consumer identity management, enhanced artificial intelligence capabilities and together with the machine learning-driven configuration management.

An official working with the company in a recent interview said that most of the developments they were making were aimed at winning over more customers and impressing the existing ones. To them, listening to the customer needs and embracing the various technological advancements that sweep across the globe are important aspects to look at when it comes to making it in the business world.

He admits that competition in the sector is growing stiffer by the day but also outlines that they have been doing well so far.

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