Opera To Offer Built-In Crypto-Wallet Feature To Android Users

Opera is gearing up to offer built-in crypto-wallet features to its users on the Android platform. It will be the latest addition to its already broad suite of tools for virtual currencies. The new version as of now is available only on private beta and will also comprise of an entirely new solution for storage of Ethereum (ETH), and other tokens.

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It will provide multiple digital assets relief from the hassles of fumbling through annoying extensions or using multiple wallets for completing their transactions. It also means that around 322 million users of Opera across all platforms will be saved from installing different extensions to handle their multiple crypto payments on their Smartphones.

Newest version to include Ethereum’s Web3 API

As per the report, the latest Opera browser version for the Android platform will come with an inbuilt integration with Web3 API of Ethereum. With this new feature, Opera becomes the first major browser that is integrating Web 3.0 mainstream. This new development promises an ecosystem where the users will be able to access the decentralized apps from Ethereum alongside the regular standard and centralized Web 2.0.

The new browser version of Opera uses the secure lock system of Android directly from the browser for digital currency transactions. It means that the users will have to write one less password or PIN. Last year Opera introduced a special feature related to anti-mining security. The developer stated that the latest implementation of Crypto Wallet is much simpler than most of the current crypto wallets.

According to Opera Crypto’s product head, Charles Hamel, “Having a crypto wallet in the browser brings the cash experience to the world of online payments. Paying with the Crypto Wallet is like sending digital cash straight from your phone, and we’ve just made it easier.”

Hamel further added that the implementation of the latest version has opened up new possibilities for both content creators as well as the merchants. Currently, the beta version of Opera’s Crypto Wallet only supports ERC-721 collectibles and ETH, ERC-20 tokens. Once the testing is complete and the reactions from the community are positive, Opera will add additional virtual currencies to its platform.

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