Opera Ltd (NASDAQ:OPRA) To Open Up Desktop Browser For Its Crypto Wallet

Opera Ltd (NASDAQ:OPRA), a browser used by more than 322 million users across the world, is planning to start its desktop browser to support the mobile-friendly crypto wallet that the company released recently. According to tech developers, the company has taken this decision after receiving an overwhelming response to its crypto wallet for the Android device from users in the crypto-community.

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Opera’s built-in mobile crypto wallet currently accepts ERC-20 tokens, Ethereum (ETH-USD), and ERC-721 collectibles. The company is planning to add more virtual assets soon.

New browser to include inbuilt crypto wallet functionality

With this new development Opera could evolve as a new hub for cryptocurrency holders. The desktop web browser from the company will comprise inbuilt crypto wallet functionality. The Android mobile cryptocurrency wallet from Opera is a beta version that was launched last month. In this new desktop version, the work will be carried out by connecting the desktop browser to a user’s existing crypto wallet mobile app.

For making the connection between the browser and the app, a QR code is scanned. The maker of the Norwegian browser said that the company thought of introducing a desktop wallet to tackle two major issues that its users were facing.

New desktop browser to save hassles for users

Firstly, after connecting the crypto wallet mobile app with the desktop browser, users will be saved from the hassles of installing and setting up an extension in their computer. Secondly, the secure system lock of mobile will also serves as storage for the keys. It will make signing transactions with fingerprints easier for the users and they will be able to complete the process without using lengthy passphrases. Importantly, the user’s mobile phone will preserve the keys controlling crypto assets.

Product Lead of Opera Crypto, Charles Hamel said, “By adding a crypto wallet directly into the browser, we removed the need for complex extensions or separate apps.” The company is determined to fulfill the long-term goals of satisfying the requests of users. The introduction of desktop version is one step in this direction.

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