Omura Launches New System for Vaporizing Whole Flower in California


Omura, a new technology and design company focused on the cannabis and wellness space, and CRU Cannabis, the premier California whole flower cartridge fill partner, has launched a new delivery system and platform for vaporizing whole flower in California.

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Omura’s Series 1 Vaporizer and CRU flower cartridges will be available in select California dispensaries with additional strains from leading brands Cookies and Lemonnade slated to launch this summer, according to a press statement.

Omura Technology

Using the next-generation heat-not-burn technology, Omura combines the discretion and convenience of vape pens with whole flower benefits.

The flower cartridges allow for unprocessed whole flower consumption with no burning, no ash, no grinding, cleaning or mess and minimal environmental impact. Engineered for both the canna-curious as well as the ritualistic user, the company’s Series 1 Vaporizer comes in four colors: black, white, gold, and rose gold.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Omura system and offer consumers a more premium and sophisticated platform for enjoying cannabis in its purest form, without the compromises of smoking or oil vaping. Traditionalists and new adopters alike can enjoy the full effect of pure and precise whole flower consumption without any hassle or fear of additives or unknown substances,” Omura Head of Marketing BJ Carretta stated.

Cost-Effective and Safe Solution

Jade Green, director of the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association (AMMPA), states that “vaporizing whole flower with the Omura system gives consumers a cleaner, more efficacious and cost-effective solution than smoking cannabis.”

He notes that “70% of cannabinoids and terpenes are wasted when you smoke cannabis vs. approximately only 35% when vaporizing” as revealed by clinical studies.

Omura has created a system that eliminates the risk of over-consumption to offer a safe and controlled cannabis experience. The biodegradable and compostable flower cartridges pair with the Series 1 Vaporizer and come pre-filled with 0.125 grams of flower per cartridge, delivering approximately 10-12 doses to be enjoyed over a 3-minute session.

“You’ll absorb twice the amount of rich cannabis compounds using the Omura vaporizer with less flower and less cost on average. Additionally, because the vaporizer heats the entire flower without burning, Omura has eliminated the irritating smoke and carcinogens that come with smoking cannabis,” Green states.

Omura currently offers products in Arizona and plans to launch in Maryland in the coming days. Using its heat-not-burn technology, Omura plans to introduce new and innovative cannabis solutions later this year.

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