ODEM & IBO To Jointly Provide Digitized Educational Records To Displaced Population

ODEM and IBO (InternetBar.Org Institute) have joined hands to provide digitized educational records to the displaced population by leveraging blockchain-based technology. ODEM is known for creating the first On-Demand Education Marketplace in the world.

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ODEM to provide blockchain-supported education certificates

The joint venture will implement cutting-edge and cryptographic technology. ODEM systems will perform the task of delivering education certificates backed by blockchain technology through mobile phones. According to the Chief Executive Officer of ODEM, Richard Maaghul,” Together we can use the security of blockchain technology to help the world’s most disadvantaged people. It’s really gratifying to be involved with the IBO on such an important project.”

The database-service tools of ODEM aspire to support and help stateless communities including teachers, nurses, and doctors. ODEM will provide verified evidence of their professional expertise and qualifications thereby re-establishing the authenticity of their professional credentials. It aims to help displaced communities to become self-sufficient and become financially stable. As per the recent declaration by UNHRC, around 70 million people across the globe are displaced.

The Blockchain Solutions Engineer of ODEM, Scott M. Akers stated that the company’s platform represents next-generation systems that can prove beneficial to these communities. Akers further added that this joint initiative by ODEM and IBO shows how emerging and advanced technologies such as blockchain can positively impact the lives of the people irrespective of their economic standing.

ODEM to create platform for empowering students

The online education firm is planning to come up with a platform for students that will empower them to engage with the top educators so that they can create high-quality and economically priced educational programs. ODEM’s primary focus is to provide in-person academic, real-time experiences. The ODEM token streamlines the delivery of educational offerings.

Through this partnership with IBO and by initiating deployment of a decentralized education the company wants to eliminate the issues related to establishing educational qualifications that are mostly faced by the people who have been displaced by war, and natural calamities like earthquake, flood or famine. The platform will offer continuity in the credentials of such people which will eliminate the requirement for these professionals to repeat the time-consuming and expensive exams.

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