New West Genetics Awarded Hemp Patent Claims

New West Genetics (NWG), a private firm focused on premium hemp seed genetics, has been awarded the company’s patent claims for novel hemp varieties by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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The patent is the first to claim commercial hemp varieties that combine market valued traits with adaption for large-scale field production. A snapshot of those traits includes enhanced cannabinoids and terpene compositions, coupled with stable low THC content to mitigate regulatory risk.

Years of research are required to successfully demonstrate patentability of crop traits. Yet with the historic hemp prohibition in the U.S., active commercial breeding by crop scientists did not occur prior to 2014.

“We launched our research in 2014, and utilized intensive phenotyping and a very narrow selection filter over multiple generations. That foundation enabled us to file a first-of-its-kind patent application. We have closely watched this patent progress through the examination pipeline; from provisional filing to published application, and from office action to the notice of allowable claims. This milestone further cements NWG’s first-mover status and demonstrates our dedication to data-based improvements that move hemp into a viable commercial option for agriculture,” NWG CEO Wendy Mosher explained in a statement.

A similar patent is undergoing prosecution in Canada, where there is an active hemp and cannabinoid market, according to the company.

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