New Google Adds New Cool Feature to Chrome

Google Chrome

Google added new feature to its Chrome web browser in its Android app. The new feature, introduced in December 2016, allows users to download videos, music, and full webpages for offline viewing.

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The search engine company decided to make it easier for users to download pages for offline viewing after finding that more than 45 million webpages are being downloaded with Chrome every week.

Using this new feature, users can download and save any webpage for offline viewing where there is no internet connection.

Google continues to improve its Chrome browser for Android. Earlier, the company introduced ‘Data Saver’ mode that loads web pages faster on slower internet connections.

How to Download in Chrome for Android

Just long press on any link and then select “Download link” to download the full webpage.

In addition, you will see the “Download Page Later” button when you run into Chrome’s offline dinosaur. If you tap it, Chrome will automatically download the page for you when you get back online.

Google also made it easier for users to find the content they have downloaded. When you open a new tab, you will see articles that you have downloaded tagged with a new offline badge. Also, a list of recent downloads will be displayed right on the page for easy access.

You need to update the latest version of Chrome to access this new feature.

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