New Coffee Machine Created By Brazilian Entrepreneur Powered By Bitcoin

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have enabled a lot of innovation over the past few years and they still continue to do so. The latest is a Bitcoin (BTC)-powered coffee machine that was invented by a Brazilian entrepreneur named Ricardo Reis.

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Reis was reportedly motivated to make the impressive coffee machine by his interest in showcasing the use of Bitcoin as programmable money. The Brazilian entrepreneur became popular after a video of the device went viral on social media. The coffee machine is activated if a specific amount of Bitcoin is sent to the machine’s crypto wallet.

The coffee maker features a QR code that makes it possible for users to pay for coffee by simply sending Bitcoin. This means that the coffee maker has to be connected to the internet and customers have to have a Bitcoin wallet. Although Reis claims that he is not fully involved in the cryptocurrency market, he believes he is a “Bitcoinist” courtesy of his involvement in crypto investments since 2016.

The Brazilian entrepreneur also claims that it is his interest to explore the fun side of technology and is therefore not interested in the commercial application of his invention. He insists that his focus is on showcasing the capabilities of Bitcoin as a programmable digital currency.

Reis also revealed that he used a Raspberry PI processor to power the coffee machine and that he programmed it using the PHP programming language. The Brazilian entrepreneur’s case highlights the creativity that can be incorporated towards making cryptocurrencies a part of day-to-day life. Additionally, it is one of the few positive pieces of cryptocurrency news to hit the market at a time when cryptocurrency performance is turning bearish.

Reis next plans to embark on making a machine that is based on Bitcoin’s Lightning network since the existing machine does not rely on that network. It could be one of many applications of Bitcoin and blockchain to help encourage large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The report about the Bitcoin-powered coffee machine also follows reports that the SEC has finally announced its stand on Ethereum (ETH-USD) and Bitcoin (BTC-USD), revealing that it does not consider them as securities.

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