Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC:NSAV) Announces Launch Of Hemp Beer And Plans to Acquire 25% of High Tech Herb, Inc.

Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC:NSAV) Announces Launch Of Hemp Beer And Plans to Acquire 25% of High Tech Herb, Inc.

Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC:NSAV) has announced that it is planning to acquire a 25% stake of associated stockholders of liver purifier manufacturer T.C. High Tech Herb, Inc.  The company trademarked in the U.S. has over $5 million worth of LIVER PURIFIER products that have been sold and NSAV is working on adding more trademarks globally following the acquisition. Before this announcement, NSAV had indicated that it had plans of collaborating with T.C. High Tech Herb in developing and producing CBD oil supplements and medications.

NSAV Expansion

NSAV has contracted with Wilton Group which will help determine the basis of the purchase price for their 25% acquired stake. If the acquisition goes through it will be the third critical medical arrangement that the company has completed in the last eight months.

Through their Chinese based subsidiary Vital Strategic Research Institute the company engaged Eli Lilly which entails VSRI providing Cardio Vascular Disease assessment of diabetic patients to Eli Lilly in China. After the Eli Lilly agreement, The President of NSAV indicated that they were looking to complete more deals and acquisitions to enhance NSAV’s shareholder value.

Tiger Hemp beer

In other developments, the company announced the official launching of its tiger hemp beer in Louisiana. During the launch, hip hop star 5ive Mics was present, and he lauded the beer. 5ive Mics stated that after tasting the tiger hemp beer during its launch, he was confident that the beer would be a hit and he was ready to partner with NSAV to ensure the beer reaches all possible markets. As part of the campaign to promote the tiger hemp beer, 5ive Mics will be releasing a new album that is expected to feature a single “Tiger hemp Beer”.

According to NSAV president, James Tilton, the company was excited for the formal launch of their beer in the US as well as 5ive Mics’ song that features the beer.