Namaste Plans Launch of Proprietary Café Model and H.E.A.L Food Products

Following a successful run in 2018, Namaste (OTCMKTS:NXTTF) plans to go big next year with the expected launch of Namaste Café global concept and a line of H.E.A.L (Healthy Eating and Living) branded food-products.

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H.E.A.L Brand

The company will launch its H.E.A.L franchise where customers can eat healthy meals with or without a cannabis touch. The H.E.A.L brand will come with and educational platform where videos with food recipes and ingredients featuring Pete Evans, the lead consultant in the project. The videos will be showcasing the H.E.A.L products available for purchase at Namaste’s Global online platform – and affiliated retail stores.

Namaste Café

Also the Cannabis-based company will partner with celebrated Canadian restaurateur Jonathan Dresner in developing the revolutionary modern café concept. The modern café will seek to educate consumers and patients about medicinal marijuana with a focus on responsible use of the substance to a legally eligible audience.

Lovers of Cannabis-infused coffee will be treated to their favorites; non-cannabis H.E.A.L branded products will also be available on the menu for takeout. The company has inked a supply agreement with Pigeon Coffee in which the latter will supply Namaste Café with inputs through the supply period.

As mentioned earlier, each café will be actively involved in cannabis-related education to its customers especially through existing online portals, interactive events at the stores and public forums all seeking to educate consumers on cannabis use. The stores will also be selling Namaste’s signature vaporizers and cannabis accessories. The two have been the major source of revenue to the company throughout the previous quarters.

Besides cannabis-infused drinks, the café will also be serving healthy food products carefully sampled by Chef Pete Evans under the counsel of Jonathan Dresner. The company will hire trained consultants at each of its franchise that will be instrumental in offering the online and physical cannabis-related training.

Through the company’s use-friendly online portal, (“”) customers can seek counsel from Namaste’s nurse practitioners.

Namaste which recently reported a revenue of $2.6 million for the month of November will soon be announcing its first physical retail outlets next year. The first among its intended 20 stores will be open for business in the first quarter of 2019.

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