Missoula County Commission Postpones Ban On Cryptocurrency Mining Activities

After an intense debate of two hours in Bonner, Missoula County in Montana finally decided to postpone the one-year ban on cryptocurrency mining activities until August. The discussion was held between the public and the Missoula County Commission.

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The decision was taken during the debate in which the crowd was evenly split with half of them in favor of the ban and an equal number of people against it. According to Jean Curtiss, one of the commissioners who participated in the debate, the commission has understood that all of them have little understanding about mining.

According to the Commissioner, Cola Rowley, the county needs to provide more education and awareness about cryptocurrency mining before finally deciding whether to ban the mining activities or not. He further added that whatever he has heard is fascinating and now he knows a lot more about the subject.

Pacific Northwest & Montana – popular destination for mining

Pacific Northwest and Montana have now become one of the most popular destinations for big cryptocurrency mining farms. The climate in these areas is very cold which cools down the hundreds of computers very fast. Moreover, the cost of electricity in this region is also relatively low. Although some of the residents in the vicinity are taking advantage of crypto mining farms, many of them are frustrated due to the increase in such operations which is mostly being conducted in Bonner’s old mill site.

It is because these virtual currency farms use more than 400 fans which lead to a continuous humming sound and it is bothering the neighbors of the old mill. One of the residents, Joanne Weimer said that the noise is irritating and it needs to be moved. According to Weimer, due to the noise, the property value in the vicinity is going down because of the humming noise.

Commission concerned with greenhouse gas emissions

The Commission, on the other hand, is more concerned about the greenhouse gas emissions coming out of the mining farms. Moreover, there is a sudden increase in the demand for electricity which can cause fire through local electric distribution systems. Even the rates of electricity for the residents could go up due to these changes.

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