Minds + Machine Group To Integrate With imToken Wallet Platform

Minds + Machine Group To Integrate With imToken Wallet Platform

Minds + Machine Group (MMX) recently announced that it is integrating its “luxe” domain with the leading Ethereum (ETH) wallet in the world, the imToken wallet platform. The company currently is in advanced discussions with wallet authorities with more than 6 million monthly users. The group already has 57 registrar partners. These partners have signed support for Minds+Machine Group’s “luxe” domain.

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The prominent registrars include Japan, Europe, China and 16 others that operate in the US market. The luxe domain operates as an identifier for the Ethereum wallet of a user. It helps the users to use a simple website link rather than using a complicated and long string of characters. These links serve as the key to the wallet helpful in performing blockchain transactions making the overall process much easier.

MMX and ENS domain link to be released November 6

In August this year, MMX and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) signed an exclusive agreement that allows registrants on the MMX domain to link their domain address with an identifier. It is a 40 character hash identifier used on ETH blockchain for indicating an item, asset, or service supporting the cryptocurrency. This domain will be released on November 6.

The Chief executive of MMX, Toby Hall said this integration of his company’s domain with imToken wallet platform is just a small but highly important step that will help take blockchain to the mainstream. Hall further added that luxe domain offers simplification allowing the partners to come up with their own self-service solutions. These partners can use these simple solutions for their websites or even for potential distribution partners.

Can MMX shares make your portfolio volatile?

MMX has a market capitalization of UK£55.4m, very small compared to global standards. Hence, there are many investors who are not even aware of MMX. Such small companies have very low beta value because the share prices of such companies do not have any correlation with the volatility of the market. The prices of such companies have a tendency to react to specific company events, making them unstable.

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