Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Releases Updates For OneDrive For Business

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Releases Updates For OneDrive For Business

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has released a number of updates to OneDrive For Business to boost its enterprise service.

The updates come amid improvements in the performance of OneDrive for Business. Jeff Teper, the corporate VP for SharePoint and Onedrive stated in a blog post that that the company is aware that there is a constant need for growth, and the company can always improve on something.

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One of the recent spring updates is the ability to prevent various types of files from synchronizing. This feature might be important for addressing possible bandwidth problems. The company did not announce which files could be blocked, but it gave examples with .MKV and .PST files. Another update is the synchronization features for devices running on Windows 8.1. OneDrive for Business previously lacked full support for the sync feature for Windows 8.1, but there was some lag which the update aims to fix.

Most of the updates are designed to improve the end-user experience. The sync client now allows users to add any type of file to their OneDrive for Business storage. The files can be accessed from Windows Explorer on the desktop by right-clicking to access a file. Microsoft also announced that it will introduce a new feature which will prevent files from synchronizing for duration of time. It calls the feature “Pause syncing” and it plans to launch it in the summer.

The company also plans to launch a few other features including the ability to share files by simply right-clicking a file in Windows Explorer. It will also launch the ability for IT professionals to regulate bandwidth consumption of the client. There will be some mobile improvements for the service such as integration with Outlook apps for both iOS and Android devices. Android users will get an embedded office experience as well as the ability to view PDFs. iOS users will receive file sharing options through Outlook Mobile, mail and SMS.