Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) To Launch Private Communities For Xbox One Gamers

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced plans to give players the ability to set up their own private communities where they can add players with similar interests on Xbox One.

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The new feature is part of an update to Xbox Live, which was announced On Monday, June 13 during the Microsoft E3 conference. The private communities will feature clubs where gamers can meet other people who have similar interests in games as well as other activities. Xbox program management director Mike Ybarra stated that there are many diverse gamers with different genres, different interests, and styles of gameplay on Xbox Live. Unfortunately, it is hard to find people with similar interests as well as a place where they can talk about their favorite games.

Microsoft revealed that the private communities are part of the company’s objective of creating a better Xbox Live experience where all gamers feel supported, respected and welcome. Online gaming has been an important feature, but it is also a tough world especially for female gamers who often receive inappropriate comments and treatment from other gamers. Most such players often wish they could get a limited number of players who can be part of their team.

Xbox One is attempting to make that possible through the new clubs. Microsoft announced that the Private Communities Features will be launched by the end of the year. Clubs are the virtual spaces that users will be allowed to create so that they can form groups where they can include the people they are comfortable with. These groups will also allow them to have more control of their Xbox Live membership.

Microsoft will launch a board called Xbox Looking for Groups where bulletins will be posted to help Xbox Live users to find their ideal group of people who they can play with or compete against. The new changes are part of a wider plan that the company wants to introduce called Gaming for Everyone which is aimed at corporate improvement in Microsoft.

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