Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Invites Interns To Play Beer Pong And Get ‘lit’

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Invites Interns To Play Beer Pong And Get ‘lit’

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) threw a party on Monday night, and it sent invites to interns through email, inviting them to get ‘lit’ or play beer pong.

The company threw the party as part of its plans to get young interns together so that it can pitch new talent. The email which was sent by a recruiter at Microsoft University revealed the company’s plan to hold a party on a Monday, promising a fun-filled night involving beer pong, and a lot of drunk young people. The event was held in the Bay Area in San Francisco.

The event talked about in the email is an annual conference that is held every year in San Francisco. The event is usually attended by roughly 300 interns from firms such as Microsoft and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) who usually use Internapalooza events to recruit new talent, and they pay as much as $7,500 per month for a good intern. Nonetheless, interns have the choice to stay with the firm they prefer, and Microsoft seems to be trying very hard to get as many interns on board as it can.

The recent invite has placed the company in an embarrassing position. This is not the first time that Microsoft has carried out a promotion that came out the wrong way. Earlier in March, the company had to issue an apology after dancers at its game developer conference alienated the females in the audience. One of the company’s spokespersons stated that Microsoft is probing into the matter and taking the necessary steps to address the situation.

The Microsoft representative who compiled the email was most likely just trying to make it more appealing to the audience.