Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Boosts Windows Defender To Counter Misleading Programs

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Boosts Windows Defender To Counter Misleading Programs

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will boost the security of devices running on Windows through Windows defender. The Anti-malware program has been updated to detect and delete misleading cleaning software.

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The new upgrade mainly targets software designed to free up disk space. Some programs even promise to optimize processing speeds and memory. Unfortunately, while there are many programs what can achieve those claims, many end up making the PC even slower. Microsoft is not particularly fond of such software, and that is why they are taking action.

Apart from eating up a lot of memory space, Microsoft also claims that some software disrupts the machine’s efficiency and charges money for the cleanup to be made. The company claims that these are some of the characteristics of the deceptive cleaners that will be identified by Windows Defender.

Microsoft claims that any program that is found with such violations will be flagged as unwanted software by the antivirus. Additionally, Windows Defender will eliminate malicious software from downloads that remains even after uninstalling them. Microsoft has engineered the program to be upfront and detect anything that might be negatively affecting performance. The Defender will automatically give the user recommended actions to take, meaning the user can choose to keep the software it if it is important.

The announcement is good news for Windows users because it means Windows Defender is growing stronger and notching up in rank among other anti-malware programs on the market. The company has been testing Windows Defender on both Windows 8 and Windows 10, and performance has been satisfactory in both. Its score on Windows 8/8.1 were 4.5/6 in protection ratings, 5/6 in performance and 6/6 in usability.

The overall score was an impressive 5.5/6. Its score on Windows 10 was 3.5/6 in protection, 4.5/6 in performance and 6/6 in usability, bringing the total score to14/18. The score was therefore slightly lower for the company’s new operating system.