Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Pursuing Artificial Intelligence To Transform World

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has made significant investments in artificial intelligence (AI). The company’s CEO Satya Nadella said that the tech giant is working to put AI into every app, everywhere, according to a report in Business Insider.

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It seems that Nadella isn’t impressed with Google’s DeepMind artificial brain, which earlier this year beat a world-class champion at the game of Go.

Why Microsoft betting on artificial intelligence

Talking to at Microsoft Ignite event in Atlanta on Monday, Nadella said his company is “not pursuing AI to beat humans at games.

Microsoft is “pursuing AI so that we can empower every person and every institution that people build with tools of AI so that they can go on to solve the most pressing problems of our society and our economy,” Nadella said.

The company is also using artificial intelligence to your daily life easy. The company uses using this technology in more behind-the-scenes ways, including helping power up the all-important “red squiggles” of spellcheck with new features, according to the report.

Nadella also revealed that Cortana, the company’s digital personal assistant that comes with Windows 10, has 133 million monthly users. He hyped Cortana’s Cognitive APIs to help developers build Cortana-powered intelligence into their applications.

How will artificial intelligence transform Microsoft

Tech Crunch reported that Nadella believes deep learning and artificial intelligence will transform the company.

According to Nadella, his company wants to create an intelligent assistant that “can take text input, can take speech input, that knows your deeply. It knows your context, your family, your work. It knows about the world.”

He said that their aim is to male this intelligent assistant available on every platform and in every application.

Developers can use the Cortana Intelligence Suite to access this intelligence. The suite also includes a bot framework.

Microsoft is actively working with different companies to resolve problems with its latest technologies. Currently, the company is working with the NFL to create a fantasy football bot. Uber is using the Cortana Cognitive Services’ face recognition tools to verify drivers and passengers. Moreover, Microsoft is working with Volvo to recognize when drivers are distracted.

Shares of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) have gained nearly 5% during the past six month.

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