Metamask To Add Ethereum Classic (ETC) Blockchain To Its Bridge Services

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Ethereum (ETH) browser and wallet, Metamask will soon add Ethereum Classic (ETC) to its bridge services. The information was recently revealed by Anthony Lusardi, the Director of the popular ETH-focused Google Chrome browser plug-in. According to Lusardi, although the developments are already underway to add the original ETH forked blockchain to the platform known for its cute fox mascot, no timeline has been scheduled as of yet.

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Bridge software Metamask is used as a browser extension for Opera, Brave, Firefox, and Chrome browsers allowing users to execute ETH dApps without using the full mode of Ethereum. The platform also offers a wallet for Ether transactions and a security identity vault.

ETC price escalate

The price of Ethereum Classic escalated showing a growth of 9.89% in around 24 hours. Trading at the price of $13.60 previously, the coin’s value rose to $15 in just a few hours. So now even if ETC comes down below the mark of $15, it will still be sitting under resistance at $14.99. The coin is gaining popularity lately and was recently added on Binance with ETC/USDT and ETC/BNB pairs. It also is now a part of Nova, Coinbene, and Coinbase Exchange.

The release of Radex Classic brought a new surge of interest among the ETC community as it is the first decentralized exchange based on the network of Ethereum Classic in the world. According to Rex Simon, a crypto enthusiast the addition of ETC support on Metamask is just a part of the movement to support the coin. However, he feels that the near future will reveal how far these efforts will go.

ETC, Failed Implementation

The Ethereum tool allows Metamask users to interact with related dApps and the network and also provide an in-browser wallet that is compatible with the ERC-20 token. The users use it to store ETH blockchain assets. These new developments are expected to help ETC to regain its position in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world.

Ethereum Classic was created when a split occurred on the ETH blockchain because the Decentralized Autonomous Organization could not be implemented. At that time, $50 million was stolen due to the presence of a bug. To avoid such problems in the future a hard fork was proposed. The old fork is now called Ethereum Classic whereas the new implementation is called Ethereum.

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