Mercedes-Benz to start electric truck testing in Germany this year

Mercedes-Benz plans to test the world´s first all-electric heavy-duty truck on German roads this year.

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Called the Urban eTruck, the all-electric truck was unveiled in September at a trade show for commercial vehicles in Germany. The unveiling came a few months after Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the part two of its “master plan.” Tesla is planning to launch an electric semi-truck this year for hauling freight, according to a report from Business Insider.

Mercedes-Benz said that the all-electric truck is designed for customers from different sectors in Germany and throughout Europe.

The truck can carry a 57,320 lbs. of cargo. The company said that it plans to bring the truck series to market in 2020.

“Following the world premiere in September 2016 at the International Commercial Vehicle Show the customer reaction was outstanding. We are currently talking to around 20 potential customers from the disposal, foodstuffs and logistics sector. With the small series, we are now rapidly taking the next step towards a series product. “By 2020 we want to be on the market with the series generation,” said Stefan Buchner, head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks worldwide.

The truck has a separate tablet that keeps track of the vehicle’s battery life and how many miles it can travel before needing to re-charge.

The automaker plans to equip 18- and 25-tonne models with a refrigerated body, as a dry box body and as a platform vehicle. Together with a special charger which takes into account the increased demands on a truck, the vehicles will be handed over to the customers to use for a period of 12 months and supported by Mercedes-Benz Trucks road testing department.

The Urban eTruck is part of a comprehensive electric initiative from Daimler Trucks. The light-duty electric truck Fuso eCanter will be in use in a global small series in 2017. Around 150 vehicles will be handed over to selected customers in Europe, Japan and the U.S.

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