MedPharm Develops Cannabinoid Infused Soluble Oral Strip

MedPharm Holdings, LLC has announced that they have successfully developed Melts-micro-emulsified, cannabis-infused soluble thin oral strips. The product microencapsulates cannabinoids in a water-soluble delivery system. MedPharm Holdings, LLC is to be acquired by Medicine Man Technologies (OTCQB:MDCL) by the end of 1Q19.

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Regulating Cannabis Doses

There’s no denying that the evolution of cannabis-infused products has brought several innovative items over the years onto dispensary shelves. Consumers have had the privilege of getting introduced to various ways of incorporating cannabis, and now MedPharm has joined the fray.

Melts are basically a dissolvable oral strip which are similar to Listerine Pocketpaks, and allow consumers to have a consistent as well as exact cannabis dose which they can’t get through vaping or smoking cannabis directly.

The oral strip also has other advantages. For instance, when it is combined with micro-emulsification of cannabinoids into a water-soluble substrate, it helps to avoid some issues which are created by oral cannabis dosing like delayed onset which may lead to the users taking too much cannabis.

Melts are an option that could help allow consumers to easily self-regulate the dose they take. It will be available both as a microdose as well as a higher THC dose and having various ratios of CBD, THC and terpene profiles for consumer needs

MedPharm Setting the Limits

The formulation and development of Melts has been powered by the company’s proprietary Lipophilic Enhanced Absorption Formulation (LEAF) technology. According to Albert Gutierrez, MedPharm CEO, the team will continue to come up with other new and innovative dosage forms which consumers will hopefully appreciate. He says Melts is just the beginning of many forward objectives.

The announcement came after Medicine Man Technologies announced it was acquiring MedPharm. This series of events is a clear indication that the company is making its best efforts to move forward with the market.

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