McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) TO USE Samsung Tablets In Its UK Outlets

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) TO USE Samsung Tablets In Its UK Outlets

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) has plans to incorporate more technology in its outlets in the UK through the use of Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

The company aims to improve customer experience through the tablets which will be fitted in its stores in the UK. The decision follows a successful trial that the firm carried out last year. Once the tablets are installed, customers will get to use them to browse the internet, use social media or even play games.

Doug Baker, McDonald’s head of IT Restaurant and Solutions and Services in the UK released a statement concerning the new development. He stated that technology plays a significant part in the lives of people including customers and their experience at the restaurants. The changes are therefore geared towards improving customer experience in the future. The company’s aim is to add value to its products by getting closer to the way people live their daily lives.

The initiative is therefore expected to attract more people to the company’s restaurants. The tablets will be mounted on tables. McDonalds is yet to reveal the tablet models that will be used in the initiative. Samsung has also been silent on the matter. However, the launch is expected to attract a lot of people to the restaurants, especially families. The fast food company also bundled its happy meals with a VR experience.

Sources revealed that the software in the tablets will not be installed by Samsung but by a firm known as SOTI. The program which will be called “Experience of the Future” will be one of the company’s biggest investments geared towards operational change in the many years that the company has been operating. The company is convinced that harnessing digital technology will be an important aspect in propelling the company forward. McDonalds has been trying out new ideas to try and improve sales following a downturn over the past few years because customers have been opting for other options. The company still has quite an impressive customer base, and it aims to remain relevant in the future.