McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) Ropes In Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) For Its Recruitment Process


In searching for competitive talent McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) has introduced a new social method. The “Snaplication”, which uses Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) app to increase the attraction of applicants through the use of a distinctive lens overlay of a McDonald’s crew badge and hat. The global fast-food titan claims that it is optimistic of being able to tap into the approximately 3.2 million strong group of old Snapchat users who are between the ages of 17-34 years.

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According to director of HR Staff’n’Stuff, Deborah Peppard, business must get creative with the technology at their disposal to attract the best talent. She outlines that having right people on board in any business is of the essence because they keep it running, hence, the need for a justifiable recruitment process.

App’s 10-Second Video

Australian news site explains that the application process starts with a 10-second video to McDonald’s to McDonald’s. After review, McDonald’s sends the applicant a link to the company’s careers page, which contains an application form. The company says that the process is a “world-first” and will enable Australians to apply for jobs faster.

Shaun Ruming, McDonald’s Australia chief operating emphasizes, “As a business, McDonald’s is constantly evolving its approach to digital technology, for both the customer and employees.”

Concerns Regarding The New Approach

Getting creative with recruitment techniques is important. However, even as McDonald’s seeks to boost its brands to the young audiences, the user of a short video to submit an application may not be ideal. Peppard thinks it will become somewhat a judgmental based platform, given that it displays the applicant’s looks.

However, despite this, she is confident that the recruitment technique will help McDonald’s in meeting its demographic and right candidates. The company has a clear definition of whom it wants to work but it is worth noting that it is not so keen on recruiting mature age workers. At the moment, the application process is only applicable in Australia and the company has not revealed how soon it will introduce the same in other parts of the world.

In the meantime, McDonald’s stock closed at $129.96 a fall of $0.19 or 0.15%.

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