Mazor Robotics Ltd – ADR (NASDAQ:MZOR) Obtains An FDA Nod For Its Spinal Deformity Corrections Software

Mazor Robotics Ltd – ADR (NASDAQ:MZOR) software that is meant to help surgeons correct spinal deformities and alignments has received clearance from the US Food & Drug Administration. The Mazor X Align software becomes the latest addition to the company’s existing suite of software. This will enhance the production of a three-dimensional spinal alignment plan for individual patients by surgeons.

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The suite consists of image processing and computerized anatomy recognition which helps surgeons plan with ease their procedures in correcting spinal deformities. The company is optimistic about débuting the software in an early release next month before embarking on a widespread rollout in the second half of the year.

The Mazor X system enhances predictability and patient benefit

The software’s design is unique in that it creates a three-dimensional spinal alignment plan specific to each patient. One of the main roles of the 3D plan is a simulation of the entire spine. Through its use, the surgeons will endeavor to give an impact on patient’s posture after the operation while putting all the alignment parameters into consideration.

Mazor’s product comes at a time when the demand for innovation is growing rampantly. CEO The of the Israeli tech firm, Ori Hadomi cites, “Mazor X Align is the product of Mazor’s development program and represents our innovative pipeline and visionary team experience.”

But Mazor Robotics is not alone in robotic surgery

Mazor’s aim is to bring to the market advanced products and applications that will benefit the millions of patients suffering from difficult conditions. Notably, there is an increasing number of such patients but the company has also vowed to offer support to the medical professionals serving them.

However, it will not do this alone given that paired up with Medtronic for co-promotion and co-development deals, which are worth $50 million. Medtronic, which is also in the robotic surgery space, is currently developing its own surgical robot and word has it that it is likely to release it into the market sometimes next year.

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) and Verily’s Verb Surgical are also in the lineup with their surgical robotics. Meanwhile, Mazor’s stock closed at $31.21 witnessing an increase of $0.16 or 0.52%.

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