Max Hornostaiev, CTO of Erminesoft Tells Us About Developing Apps For Startups And Fortune 500 Clients

Max Hornostaiev, CTO of Erminesoft Tells Us About Developing Apps For Startups And Fortune 500 Clients
Igor Zaplavskiy

We met up with Max Hornostaiev, CTO of Erminesoft, an app development company that specializes in working with startups. 
Erminesoft is a US-owned top mobile app design and development agency with 5+ years of experience in delivering solutions to enterprise and consumer-facing companies as well as startups.

 Q: Can you please tell us about your company and the specific problem or challenge that you are addressing?

 Erminesoft is a mobile app development company. We constantly meet people, startups and even big companies struggling to find resources to bring a certain app idea to life. And here we are, always there to help. The motto of Erminesoft is «wild ideas tamed», and it sums up our approach and what makes us excited about what we do. Having so many talented developers and designers aboard, we have all the means to create stunning mobile applications.

Company Profile:

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 Q: Which services do you provide?
We specialize in full cycle of mobile app development services. It includes mobile strategy, UI/UX design and prototyping, software development, QA and testing, digital marketing, branding and, finally, app support and maintenance.

Q: What geographic markets are you focusing on currently?

Right now we have clients worldwide, from different countries and different industries. Today technologies allow us to work remotely, and whether you are from the US or Africa, it is absolutely possible to organize effective work environment and deliver results to a client of any geographic position.

Q: What makes your company stand out?

I believe, focusing on quality makes us who we are. Erminesofts’ team takes each project personally and never compromises on quality, and this is what makes any business take off and achieve great results. We realize that quality is the key not only to our reputation but also to our clients’ success. This approach concerns each step of the way, from idea verification to maintenance of the final product.

Q: Why do clients choose you?

They do that for a number of different reasons. Some of the clients decide on working with us after reading our blog for a while, others get impressed with our team after technical calls and discussing their project idea. To attract a client, you need to work on different levels, make sure the whole image of your company ensures the confidence of its customers.

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Q: Do you think having a company blog is important?
In my opinion, having a blog is a great chance to show your expertise and share useful information with visitors. Erminesoft blog always reacts to currents trends (e.g. creating a game like Pokemon Go) and tries to answer the most widespread questions we get asked by our clients, for example, about the cost of app development. Also we take time writing on technical topics simply sharing our experience like in the case of AngularJS vs ReactJS development.

Q: Tell us about your team?
4 years ago Erminesoft had a couple of developers and a designer, and look at us right now – 30+ people aboard, and we keep actively growing, hiring new talents, teaching young specialists. Apart from developers, we have quite a big UI/UX department, QA team, and marketers. I am proud to have gathered so many amazing people in Erminesoft, they are the driving force of the company and its most valuable asset.

Q: How do you lead such a team?

I believe the key to success is knowledge sharing, learning new things and never-ending self-development. I lead my team with this in mind, promoting self-education, helping them, giving advice and teaching. From time to time we hire inexperienced young specialists and provide them with guidance of Senior developers, and all the opportunities for professional growth.

 Q: What is your focus for the next 6-12 months?

Our main focus remains on growth in all spheres. We plan to become two times bigger in 6 months and then get twice as big in 12 months. And for all I know, Erminesoft has the potential to achieve this ambitious goal.