Marimekko Launch From Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT) Fails To Excite Shoppers

Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT) relies heavily on designer collaborations to obtain cheap-chic store’s buzz. However, its recent collaboration efforts with Finnish designer Marimekko did not yield notable results. The sale failed to ignite a shopping frenzy. In fact, it was a major bust compared to previous collections the likes of Lilly Pulitzer.

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The limited-time-only launch of the Marimekko Collection presented a wide selection of beach accessories and dinnerware with prices ranging from $7.99 for sunscreen to $499.99 for a paddleboard. Apparently, a lot of items were still up for sale on Target’s website and stores Sunday evening.

There crowds of shoppers were sparse with a majority of them being Europeans who seemed more familiar with the brand than Americans. There was very little action in the chain’s 1,800 stores unlike what was experienced in other years where shoppers showed up en-masse at the crack of dawn. Last year’s sale had Target’s store shelves emptied shortly after opening which led to an overwhelming amount of traffic on Target’s website.

Cleary, there was a notable difference between this year’s launch and with that of Lilly Pulitzer last year which had a huge demand that resulted to items being sold out online within a few hours. People were actually grabbing everything they could from the shopping carts.

However, a Target spokesman Joshua Thomas responded to the failed launch, citing that it did not have much urgency like there was with the Lilly Pulitzer collection.

Apparently, Target is the pioneer of these kinds of partnerships which began in the 1990s and which have had to embattle stiff competition from the likes of H&M and Gap. The launch came at time when Minneapolis-based discounter is fighting to have back on board its fashion mojo under its CEO Brian Cornell.

Probably the reason Lilly Pulitzer received so much attention is because it presents a much more defined lifestyle brand an offers more varied collection than Marimekko.

Well, the good news is, if you are interested in purchasing anything from the Marimekko line you surely don’t need to rush to target because as things stand now they will be on the shelves for a very long time…

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