MariMed Inc. (OTCQB:MRMD) Rolls Out Its DabTab Brand Dablet In East Coast Dispensaries

Cannabis farm MariMed Inc. (OTCQB:MRMD) has announced that it struck a deal with Ilo Vapor to distribute its DabTab brand dablets which are its flagship products.

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The company has already rolled out the DabTab brand dablets to all the cannabis dispensaries that are located in Maryland. It also plans to introduce the flagship product to other dispensaries located in Delaware, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island later this year.

The hemp and cannabis operator introduced the DabTab brand dablet at the MJBizCon conference which was held in November last year in Las Vegas. The company introduced the flagship product as a new alternative method of consuming cannabis concentrate. It is a clean method that uses precision dosing delivered in the form of vapor instead of smoke.

DabTab is considered a superior method because it preserves the effect and flavor of traditional dabbing. It also achieves a new level of cleanliness and convenience for those consuming cannabis concentrate. MariMed employs precision technology to infuse cannabis oil that has exactly 50mg of cannabis concentrate into custom-made ceramic tablets.

“ilo™ Vapor is one of the most innovative companies I have encountered in the cannabis industry. The DabTab™ brand dablet is truly revolutionary and will likely accelerate growth in the concentrates sector,” stated Bob Fireman, the CEO of MeriMed.

DabTab brand dablets are an attractive and safe product to customers

Fireman also noted that the product will also support the company’s focus on delivering safe and convenient precision doses to customers. The overall goal is to provide a solution that will help customers enjoy all the wellness and health benefits that cannabis compounds have to offer. The MariMed CEO also revealed that the company has observed strong interest in the new flagship product courtesy of the initial orders.

Fireman pointed out in his statement that the MariMed’s DabTab brand dablets are a compelling product that will also offer noteworthy benefits to dispensaries. Ilo Vapor CEO Michael Lindars stated that his company’s products are designed to provide unmatched reliability, convenience, and a true vaporization experience. He also added that the product’s sales have demonstrated a lot of promise.

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