London Football Exchange Forms Strategic Partnership With Stellar Lumens Partner

The London Football Exchange recently entered into a strategic partnership with the and reputed development partners of the Stellar Lumens blockchain project, Now holders of Stellar (XLM) can use the LFE platform to invest in professional football clubs. Thus, Stellar is poised to become the first ever football-based coin in the world.

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LFE planning to transform professional levels of engagement is a highly reputed software company that believes the partnership will provide fans a better experience. It builds highly functional software solutions for the network of Stellar. It works along with to create transparent financial infrastructure worldwide.

With this partnership, the unique outfit of LFE is planning to transform the professional engagement levels on its platform welcoming the Stellar ecosystem transactions speeds. It is expected to take ticketing, merchandising, and broadcasting to a high level providing a distinct platform to sports lovers. LFE has particularly chosen XLM blockchain network as it is scalable, fast and has global reach.

With this development, football fans across the globe can now participate in different football clubs, share fan experiences, purchase football clubs’ shares, meet great footballers, and get exclusive deals on streaming, broadcast, and content related to football. According to Ben Leigh Hunt, the founder of London Football Exchange, ”The LFE’s mission is to bring the football world the best in cutting-edge technological and financial solutions. Together, LFE and Stellar make the perfect match to transform the fan experience while introducing millions of loyal football fans to the benefits of the blockchain technology through speed, inter-connectivity, and efficiency.”

LFT team to develop payments exchange with

As per the report, LFT is planning to developa  payments and remittance exchange along with According to the Partnership Director at, Boris Reznikov, they are eager to work with the London Football Exchange and introduce the benefits of blockchain technology to the football community. Reznikov stated that they want to establish blockchain as the powerful and new force that will bring a revolution to the world of football.

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