Vietnam-Based Lina Network Signs Agreements To Shore Up Position As Blockchain Leader

Lina Network signs agreements; with both public and private sectors

The South East Asia blockchain space is booming. This is partly due to favorable government posture regarding the emerging technology. To take better advantage of the environment, Lina Network has signed agreements to expand its foothold in the region.

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According to the Bangkok Post, the Vietnam-based company recently held an event in Thailand. Interestingly, the event attracted the elite in the world of technology and finance. Among the guests was Mrs. Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, a member of the Rothschild family in England.

Best-in-class blockchain solutions

Further, the company signed a deal with more than 30 corporations, some of them from Thailand. All the partnerships seek to utilize the company’s blockchain solutions.

Lina Network is part of the Smart Links Swiss Group which develops blockchain solutions. Lina has access to a range of best-in-class solutions. Further, it acts as the Smart Links Swiss Group’s point man in the South East Asia region.

In June of this year, the firm signed a deal with the Lao Ministry of Science and Technology. The partnership entails the deployment of digital identity using blockchain technology. The government of Laos expects to use the partnership to launch itself into the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Lina Network signs agreements with public and private sectors

Further, the agreement would see the two entities jointly participate in research projects involving the emerging technology in Laos. Particularly, Lina Network would help build capacity and develop human resource in the country.

However, the highlight of the agreement is the commitment by Lina to establish a Blockchain Research and Development Centre (BRDC). The BDRC would operate under the Lao Ministry of Science and Technology.

Even as Lina Network signs agreements with governments and corporations, the firm is also interested in academia. Bangkok Post notes that the firm partnered various world’s leading universities to open the Blockchain Research Institute to research. In essence, the aim is to provide high quality human resources for the nascent blockchain industry.

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