Liberty Health Receives Approval For Dispensing Of Pre-Rolls And Whole-Flower Cannabis Products Across Florida

Liberty Health Receives Approval For Dispensing Of Pre-Rolls And Whole-Flower Cannabis Products Across Florida

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (OTCMKTS:LHSIF) has announced that on 26th March it received approval from the Department of Health of Florida for the selling of pre-rolls as well as whole flower products that can be smoked by patients across Florida.

SB 182 bill lifts the ban on medical marijuana smoking in Florida

Liberty is among the first companies to offer cannabis pre-rolls of various potencies and varieties to customers in their dispensaries in the state of Florida. Under the bill, SB 182 that Governor Ron DeSantis enacted into law last week patients will now smoke cannabis legally as the ban for smoking medical marijuana has been lifted. According to the new law, patients can access medical marijuana in the form that the doctor considers best for them be it smoking or using other systems of delivery.

Liberty Health Sciences Interim CEO, Victor Mancebo indicated that they had seen first-hand how access to medical cannabis can positively transform the lives of patients. Mr. Mancebo stated that patients have given testimonies on how whole-flower marijuana has helped them deal with the negative effects of cannabis drug prescriptions.

The Interim CEO added that they were delighted that Governor DeSantis enacted the SB 182 bill that will give qualified patients access to smokable medical marijuana. Liberty is ready to meet the patients’ medical needs and the company will continue working with doctors to ensure there is a safe prescription of smokeable marijuana as the most appropriate delivery mechanism.

Patients already signed up for medical marijuana

Over 195,000 patients in Florida have registered with the Health Department to receive whole-flower medical marijuana as the most appropriate delivery mechanism for conditions such as chronic pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, cancer, HIV/AIDS and others. There are over 2,000 qualified physicians who have been mandated by the state to examine patients as well as recommend a delivery system for medical marijuana.

Liberty has 12 dispensaries across Florida in cities like Miami, Tampa, Palm Harbor, and Orange Park among others. Patients can equally make orders online and enjoy same-day-delivery.