Justin Sun Says TRON Much Better Than BitTorrent; 80 Times Faster Than Ethereum

The CEO of TRON (TRX-USD), Justin Sun, in his recent tweet stated that his blockchain platform is 80 times faster than the network of Ethereum (ETH-USD). TRON’s current speed is 12,000 transactions every second whereas that of Ethereum is between 15 and 20.

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Transaction speed is one of the most important features for cryptocurrencies as it evaluates the potential mass adoption or convenience of the blockchain platform.

Consensus model of TRON gives it better speed

The consensus nature of TRON’s TPS upside model is one of the reasons for its better speed. The model leverages a group of selected companies and individuals. These are termed as super representatives that serve as nodes of the chains and create network blocks for validating transactions in cryptocurrency exchange. Other cryptocurrencies in competition include Stellar (XLM-USD) that supports around 3,000 TPS, and the Chinese Ethereum Neo (NEO) supporting 1,000 TPS.

At the start of this year, NEO stated that it was planning to reach the target of 100,000 TPS by 2020. At present, TRON is ranked 10th whereas Ethereum is ranked 2nd in the benchmark index used for large-cap tokens and virtual currencies, AltDex 100 Index (ALT100). TRON initially started its service through Ethereum blockchain and in late June started its mainnet.

BitTorrent Acquisition to help promote TRON

Justin Sun recently acquired the BitTorrent platform and this acquisition can prove to be highly beneficial for the promotion of TRON. According to Sun, by combining the blockchain of TRON and the infrastructure of BitTorrent, they can create one of the most advanced p2p networks in the world. The acquisition of BitTorrent has already added speed to the all-in-decentralization ideology of TRON.

It should be noted that BitTorrent and TRON both have a similar vision when it comes to the decentralized web. BitTorrent will turn over a new leaf after joining its ecosystem whereas TRON will continue to follow the protocol legacy of BitTorrent that allows transferring of a large number of TV shows, video clips, audios and digital videos.

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