2 Simple Tricks to Charge Your iPhone Faster


Apple has yet to develop a faster-charging technology for its iPhone. Many Android smartphones feature a fast charging technology, allowing them to gain as much as 50% battery in 30 minutes. A report from 9to5 Mac suggests that we could see such a charging technology in Apple’s upcoming iPhones including the rumored iPhone 8.

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Below we discuss two tricks to charge your iPhone faster. You can try these tricks at the same time to reduce your charging time even more.

#1. Using iPad Power Adapter

You can charge your iPhone faster by using an iPad power adapter. Instead of using the adapter that comes with your iPhone, try using the iPad power adapter. iPads come with a 12W, 2.1A power adapter, compared with the 5W, 1A adapter we find in the iPhone box.

Is it safe to use a 12W power adapter to charge the iPhone?

Yes. It is safe. Per 9to5 Mac report, Apple has a support document stating that it is safe to use the 12W power adapter with other devices, including the iPhone, Apple Watch and other accessories.

#2. Turn on Airplane Mode

Turing on Airplane Mode in the iPhone will significantly shorten your charging time.

Here is how to turn on Airplane Mode in your iPhone:

  1. i) From the Home screen, swipe from the bottom of the screen up.
  2. ii) Tap on the airplane icon on the left-hand side.

iii) You will see the Airplane Mode icon in the top left-hand part of your screen.

Also, you can navigate to Settings → Airplane Mode which is the first item at the top.

But you need to know that you will not receive phone calls, messages, e-mails in Airplane Mode.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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