International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) Teams Up With MIT On Smarter AI

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) has announced a partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, through which the two will work together on taking artificial intelligence to the next level.

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The aim of the IBM-MIT partnership is to develop artificial intelligence that can understand audio and visual inputs the way the human brain understands these inputs. The partnership will feature joint efforts from IBM’s research department and the department of Brain and cognitive sciences at MIT. Both departments will work together to come up with a brain-inspired AI.

IBM-MIT researchers will work on the next generation of machine learning

The researchers from the two organizations will focus on creating systems that are capable of cognitive computing. The AI will be expected to solve technical challenges that are usually found in prediction methods and pattern recognition. IBM explained the idea in the sense that humans can watch a small clip of an event, describe the events taking place during the video and even predict what will happen next. The tech company also pointed out that this is currently not possible using machines.

Machines will start understanding things the way humans do

IBM and MIT will work together to make visual description and prediction a possibility using machines and AI. Once this feat is achieved, it will be possible for computers to make a detailed representation of the world based on visual capabilities and advanced cognitive computing systems. IBM also claims that this level of technology can be incorporated into various fields including the entertainment industry, healthcare, and education. As most people would imagine, such level of technology could allow AIs to have a level of understanding similar to that of humans.

“Our brain and cognitive scientists are excited to team up with cognitive computing scientists and engineers from IBM to achieve next-generation cognitive computing advances as exposed by next-generation models of the mind,” stated Jim DiCarlo, a professor at MIT.

IBM stock closed the latest trading session at $154.45, down by $0.42 or 0.27% compared to the price of the stock in the previous trading session.

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