International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) Partners With Samsung SDS On Security Services

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) is teaming up with Samsung SDS on a partnership that will see the two firms create security services that will be offered to clients within the utility and energy industry.

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Samsung SDS is the IT service provider for Samsung, and it will be used to service IBM’s threat intelligence platform called IBM X-Force Exchange which is based on cloud technology. The South Korean firm will also offer IBM’s security framework to industrial customers that manage utility and energy. The IBM security framework takes advantage of the firm’s security analysis and consulting. The partnership will mainly work on offering the latest threat trends in the market to the customers.

Samsung compiled a cyber security team in 2015 and also acquired part ownership of SECUI, a cyber security firm in South Korea. The two firms stated that the energy and utility business’ formula for leveraging success has been managing system safety against depreciating hardware equipment. The other source of success important to the firms was taking care of the backbone infrastructure.

Samsung stated that Big Blue’s life cycle analysis-based framework was the most ideal system for the task at hand, and that is why the partnership was attractive. The framework analyzes data from all the sensors in the production line. According to Samsung and IBM, the technology can enhance security at end points, network, and applications.

IBM and Samsung believe that the partnership will place them in a strategic position to exploit and make the most out of their technologies. The combination of resources from the two firms is expected to produce impressive results. IBM is currently gearing up to launch Watson, its AI in Korea and the launch is set to take place in 2017. Samsung has also expanded its partnership with a Danish software firm known as Ubiquitech to enhance its print management products. The Danish firm’s software solutions can run on different platforms including IBM System Z and IBM Power.

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