International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) Announces New Offerings for Encrypted Hybrid Clouds

International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) disclosed a fresh mainframe meant for encrypted hybrid clouds that will not slow down the system’s performance and would help the middle-sized companies. The tech firm named it as IBM z13s and is secured for both critical information, as well as, transactions better than ever before. Aside from that, the company also revealed fresh security alliances with integrated innovations for the mainframe.

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Security Embedded Into Hardware

International Business Machines said that z13s was the new entry point to the portfolio of z Systems for enterprises of all sizes, and was packed with security innovations. The tech firm said that its z13s was an advanced cryptography feature created for the hardware. As a result, it would enable both encrypting, as well as, decrypting data at a speed double that of the earlier generations. It would also protect information and would not compromise its performance.

The company indicated that it was aligning its mainframe technology with its security software solutions. That was meant to establish a highly secured basis for a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Its new Cyber Security Analytics service would also help its customers spot the malicious activity through the user behavior. It was quite clear that the company was keen on extending its product portfolio in the cloud module where it enjoys an advantage so that its customers were provided with additional features.

Hybrid Cloud Gets Improved Security

International Business Machines said that the enterprises needed to automate monitoring to remove either meddling or human error. One of the problems faced by the organizations was that most of the cyber attacks come from within the organization. Therefore, the company felt the need to enhance the security for hybrid cloud. For that, the tech firm was aligning its mainframe with its security solutions to address the issue of identity management, integrated security intelligence, and sensitive data protection.

International Business Machines indicated that the paring of z systems would enable clients to create end-to-end security to protect their hybrid cloud environment. The company’s SVP, Tom Rosamilia, said that the core to the IBM mainframe was the quick, as well as, secured processing of transaction. That helps its customers to grow their digital business.

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