IDAP Global To Introduce First Complete Derivatives Ecosystem For Virtual Assets

IDAP Global is planning to come up with the first complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Virtual Assets after its white paper on ICO received widespread approval. The paper was appreciated for its depth and transparency.

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As of now, there are more than 200 exchanges in the world that offer cryptocurrency trading of major virtual currencies. Few such trading exchanges also offer derivatives such as ETH options or BTC futures. However, there is no trader or platform in forex and capital markets that offer choices for crypto trading. There is also no option that offer protection to them from direct exposure to virtual currencies while simultaneously providing low-risk alternatives.

IDAP Global CEO talks about issues related to crypto trading

According to IDAP Global CEO and Founder, Awanish Rajan, “Being in the trading business for almost a decade, we have a firsthand experience of all the issues that one faces.” He stated that lack of poor customer support; unsophisticated tools for trading professionally, diversity in instruments for trading are some of the issues that traders face in the cryptocurrency trading. Apart from that, Rajan believes that the market does not support traders who have migrated to crypto from traditional market and also the institutional investors who want to try out the crypto-pool of trading.

The CTO and co-founder of IDAP Global, Murali Thakur, said that even though it has been years since the cryptocurrency market came into existence, there are still many aspects and issues that need attention. Thakur stated that one such important aspect, which is lately being discussed is lack of options in the trading tools. According to the IDAP CTO although there are choices, those are far less than ones available in the traditional market. Also according to him, the crypto trader has much less freedom regarding what and how he should trade.

Highlights of IDAP’s Offer

Some of the highlights of IDAP’s offer include a desktop trading interface that will offer traders freedom to come up with their own workspaces, simulated trading environment, multiple options of derivatives trading and an alternative to raising funds through ICOs for developments.

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