IBM (NYSE:IBM), Vodafone Collaborate To Offer Enterprises Leeway To The Cloud

The stock of IBM Common Stock (NYSE:IBM) closed at $145.76 gaining 0.62% in yesterday’s trading session. Together with Vodafone, the two have plans underway to start offering an international service that will help customers a great deal.

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The ability to easily move VMware-based workloads with confidence and speed are key to the deal. One of the topmost priorities for these customers over the years has been to effectively support the growing data residency needs.

The close working relationship between the two companies is pulling a long with a number of benefits to customers. For instance, Vodafone is assisting its clients in the tackling of the most pressing IT challenges for enterprises.

This has resulted in the streamlining of the wide range of business operations. Re-designing security policies and the re-architecting applications have been major areas of concern. However, great progress is being witnessed in this particular direction.

Both the deployment and movement of VMware workloads between cloud environments and the on-premises require cost effective mechanisms in order to reach the most desirable results. A significant number of enterprises around the world run about 50 million workloads. That affirms the great need to employ fast, easy and cost effective strategies to facilitate efficiency in operations.

In his response to the announcement, the senior vice president for Product Development, Ajay Patel outlined that VMware was in support of the new collaboration between Vodafone and IBM. According to him, the alliance will move quite a long way towards helping empower customers in their efforts to innovate across clouds using VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture.

The official opined, “This new offering from Vodafone and IBM will enable businesses to utilize a globally consistent, common operating model for running, managing and securing their workloads across clouds.”

Greg Hyttenrauch, Vodafone’s director of Cloud and Hosting Services termed IBM an excellent business partner for Vodafone. He added that the combination of the provider’s network and its VMware based Hosted Private Cloud will verse customers with more choice and flexibility. The dream of having in place a true hybrid cloud is slowly becoming a reality. Hyttenrauch remains confident that the relationship will be quite beneficial to the two business giants.

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