IBM (NYSE:IBM) Launches New Identification Technology

IBM Research has announced the launch of IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier, a new technology which integrates innovations in optical imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) so as to help in establishing the authenticity and identity of objects.

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The company made the announcement in a blog post in which it said it is launching the new technology in partnership with Gemological Institute of America (GIA), one of its leading clients. IBM (NYSE:IBM) said the new technology will help companies evaluate as well as grade diamonds.

Unique identities

In the post, IBM says all substances and objects that are bought, eaten, worn and used in everyday life carry unique optical patterns. The company says that in most cases, these patterns are not detectable by the human eye. IBM says that it is these patterns that can be used to identify impurities in diamond or differentiate an organic ear of corn from a genetically modified one to name a few examples.

IBM says that optical characteristics are measured using light spectrometers, which measures light properties. However, these gadgets are very heavy and expensive to buy. This limits their applicability. The use of optical analysis to identify objects requires a more adaptable tool. Recently IBM announced that it had launched a very powerful, portable optical analyzer, which is small enough to carry around and can be used with a cellphone camera.

 The use of AI and machine learning in product identification

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques like video analytics and neural networks are very important in recognizing and identifying the optical characteristics of an object. These features include texture, motion, color, viscosity and saturation. Models are made with this information so that they can be able to determine the constituents or material of a product they come across.

IBM’s new technology can seamlessly be integrated with other imaging tools using software that has computing capabilities of smartphones. This software combines Artificial Intelligence on optical signatures together with image-processing techniques. This is what forms IBM’s Crypto Anchor Verifier, which can scan an abject and get its optical pattern.

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