Huawei: 4GB of Smartphone RAM is More Than Enough


Huawei executive Lao Shi said that smartphones do not need more than 4GB of RAM, according to a report.

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In a Weibo post, Shi said that 4GB of RAM is enough to handle everyday tasks of most users, Gizmo China reported.

He said that 4GB of RAM is enough for a smartphone to run smoothly.

According to the executive, Huawei phones with 4GB of RAM perform better over time compared to the competition with 6GB of RAM.

“The key, is actually in the optimization of the operating system and he cites an example with how iOS doesn’t need a large RAM to run smoothly,” reads the Gizmo China.

Further, Shi said that the competition between manufacturers to build smartphones with the largest RAM can be likened to the nuclear arms race between the United States and USSR during the Cold War.

He believes that adding extra 2GB or 4GB of RAM results in a more expensive phone. And that extra cost is borne by the end-users.

“Shi isn’t saying 6GB RAM phones are bad, Huawei itself has a couple of 6GB RAM phones but he just doesn’t believe it is necessary,” reads the Gizmo China.

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