House Panels To Uncover Russian-Linked Ads That Dominated Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Last Year

facebook inc

The stock of Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) closed at $989.25 gaining 1.71% in yesterday’s trading session. The House Intelligence Committee has plans underway to uncover the Russia-linked ads which dominated the social media company in the last U.S election. Top officials from Facebook, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) are expected to attend the Nov. 1 hearing. The ads won’t be made public anytime before that date.

Investigations are currently underway to look into the various ways in which the Russian government might have influenced that 2016 election. There has been much speculation over a possible collusion between Trump’s campaigns and Kremlin. Adam Schiff, R-Texas, D-Calif and Mike Conaway are the main investigators leading the probe.

A large number of the U.S leaders, especially the democrats have for quite some time dwelt on the matter. They believe that no country around the world, no matter how powerful reserves the right to interfere with the way another chooses its leaders.

Mistrust continues to grow between the world superpowers and other powerful nations. The North Korea standoff with the U.S has seen the leaders of the two engage in exchanges. It is with the passage of time becoming a worrying trend and there is need to revisit the relations established between the different countries globally.

Some analysts have been giving their projections stating that Russia interfered with the last U.S elections in a bid to safeguard its interest. It goes without saying that if Russia is found guilty a lot will need to change. The above mentioned social media companies are being called upon to put in place measures to ensure that no country or person takes advantage of their platforms towards furthering ill-motives.

Someone following on the matter closely opined, “Facebook has already shared about 3,000 ads bought by Russia-linked groups with the congressional committees investigating the Russian influence campaign. Malicious activity on the different social media platforms has been on the rise in the recent times and it is high time it is brought to a standstill.

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